ACCESS is a Caribbean based NGO that was Chartered in 2007 to perform: Techno-Education Through the use of Giant Mobile Messaging Systems ACCESS provides an Educational Outreach program into Cities, large Boarding Schools, Towns and rural villages Across Ghana West Africa.The Focus of ACCESS is to provide information to a demographic group that has traditionally been overlooked. Less than 15 % of people in rural communities and towns of Ghana own or have access to a Television. A Significant amount of vital lifesaving health related info is currently transmitted by television, but television cannot reach more than 80% of the country’s poor and under served communities. Yet, those unreachable ones  are the ones that need information the most. ACCESS and the Patrons who support us have done something about it.

ACCESS has made a difference in hundreds of thousands of peoples lives. In addition to Educating in rural and urban communities, ACCESS has Sponsored Community Cleanups, Interscholastic Sporting Events like Track and Field, Soccer games for both Boys and Girls.

ACCESS has Paid to dig a number of wells in rural  villages. ACCESS has repaired dozens of hand operated pumps in rural villages. These pumps were donated by various organizations but they never taught the villagers to maintain the pumps or provided tools or parts to repair them.

ACCESS has trained many villagers to repair their own pumps and the ACCESS has donated tools to make them self sufficient.