ACCESS is now Expanding its operations. ACCESS is in the process of morphing from an NGO, into a Social Enterprise. As a Social Enterprise, ACCESS will be transformed from a simple founder funded entity into a self sustaining venture. As a Social Enterprise, we will be able to continue our humanitarian objectives, while generating sufficient revenues to meet our operating cost, and allow expansion at the same time.

This will be accomplished by alliances that we have recently forged with a number of advertising agencies, and several existing television stations. These associates are currently in the advertisement industry, and have been courting us for some time. they represent or currently do business with a number of commercial entities who have no way of reaching the demographic groups that we engage.

The vast majority of people in Rural Ghana do not have a Television. Less than 10% own or have access to a television. Our Screens are the only mediums in place that can currently reach this untapped demographic group. Despite the fact that these communities are comprised of seemingly poor people, they are still consumers. This previously unreachable group constitutes the largest consumer base in the country.

They purchase: Toilet paper, baby milk, rice, beer, medicines, cellular service,canned sardines and mackerel, flour, soft drinks, packaged pastries, bread, coffee, spaghetti, tomato paste, and many more items. There are a number of brands selling these goods, but currently, they can only reach consumers with posters, and radio ads. It is a proven fact that nothing is more effective than the  Visual medium that Television provides.

 We currently have [4] aging screen systems. These systems have been in constant operation for the past [8] years. We are now in the process of securing funding to purchase a minimum of [12] additional screens systems, sound systems, and trailers. Our  full time staff will increase from 8 to 40 over the next 18 months. [5] New Screen systems will resume operations in expanded areas of the Eastern Region. For the first time, we will expand into the Western Region of Ghana with [5] screen systems.

Each Screen system will have a circuit. It will serve each community in three day increments, reaching two communities each week. This schedule will allow each screen to service 16 communities, over a period of 8 weeks, before returning to the first Town in the circuit. The communities we will serve range in population from 3,000 – 10,000.

ACCESS Trailer

With ten screens in place and with  our proven ability to get 75%-85% of the populous to come out, we will be able to reach more than 50,000 viewers each night. Operating 6 nights per week this amounts to 300,000 viewers Each Week!! With this critical mass in place we will be able to attract sufficent advertisers to allow us to meet our financial obligations with enough left over to expand.

ACCESS will expand into new areas at a rate of 10-15 screens per year, allowing us to encompass Ghana within 5 years.